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Zooming In


Zooming In

Latest research conducted at the Human Performance Laboratory at Karistad University by Swedish PhD, Sven-Ake demonstrated that regular floatation tank sessions can provide significant relief for chronic stress related ailments. Studies involving 140 people with long-term conditions such as anxiety, stress, depression and fibromyalgia found that more than three quarters experienced noticeable improvements.



These results don’t surprise regular floaters who time and again report the overall increase to wellbeing when they emerge from the tank. But the benefits of floatation are not just limited to alleviating stress related symptoms. Studies performed at Ohio State University on the effects of Floatation Therapy demonstrated the diverse benefits that seasoned floaters experience. Their studies showed floatation tank therapy to have the ability to improve creativity in Jazz musicians, accuracy in rifle shooting, focus before academic examinations and stress relief! How can floatation affect such a wide range of activity?



When the body is allowed to enter a supreme state of relaxation through REST or Restricted Environmental Stimulus Therapy the body can enter a state of optimum rest and recovery. As the floater is suspended weightless, the muscles around his joints and spine can relax which allows for the release of pre-existing tension. Heart rate and blood pressure lower while the body’s natural feel good endorphins are released.



As parasympathetic systems activate within the body, EEG scans show that the mind of floaters often drift from Beta and Alpha brain wave states into slower Theta waves. This is the state your mind is in when first waking up or right before drifting to sleep. Many find this brain wave state allows access to higher levels of creativity, learning, and problem solving. It is this state that Tibetan monks have been shown to access when they enter into deep meditation.



Ultimately it is these various systems all working together which provides the optimum state of meditative relaxation.  Many have found this state beneficial in tackling the diversity of challenges which make up our unique daily lives.

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