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What to Expect

When you arrive


To begin your experience :


  • You will be escorted to your private, quiet and secure float suite where you will be given a complimentary float kit .

  • In your kit you will have fresh shower towels , earplugs, and Vaseline to protect any sensitive skin areas.

  • The suite, which you can lock, is yours for the session. In it you will find a shower, sink, mirror and dressing chair.

  • Our staff will walk you through the process and answer any questions you might have.


Your Float :


  • Before you float you will be asked to take a shower in your private suite. This is important to remove any body oils and prepare your body for the float.

  • Step in to the tank, and you will “immediately float” without any effort on your part. This happens because of the extreme buoyancy from the high concentration Epsom salt . Truly impossible to sink in.

  • Effortlessly close the hydraulically assisted tank cover. You can re-open the cover at any time.

  • Should you need us during your float, just press the easy to reach call button located inside the tank.

  • Turn off the lights in the tank….. and just float…….


Your Options :


  • You may leave the tank open.

  • You may leave the tank lights on.


When your session ends :


  • You will hear soothing music to gently alert you that your session has ended

  • Turn on the tank lights and open the cover with a gentle push.

  • Step in to the shower to rinse off.

  • Dress and if you choose to, use our hair dryers.

  • Feel free to hang out in our post float area and enjoy some complimentary tea. 


Things to know :


  • Each tank has a call button should you need assistance while inside the tank

  • At the end of your float you will be gently notified by music and the tank light will turn on if you have it off.

  • We recommend not shaving prior to your float. This often leaves the skin sensitive and can cause the skin to sting for the first few moments inside the tank. If you wish to avoid this we do provide some Vaseline to cover up recently shaved areas. 

  • All Suites are monitored through a motion detector which lets our pod control systems know when your in and out of the tank for safety reasons.

  • The tank filtration systems control and prevent any operations while the tank is occupied.

  • You (or your parents/guardians if you are under 18) will need to read and Sign the Cloud Aquatic float waiver as well as the Covid-19 waiver which may be reviewed and downloaded below:

Late arrivals and No-shows :


  • Your session starts promptly at your appointment time. Due to our stringent cleaning methods and tight schedules, if you arrive late, time will be deducted from your floatation time in direct proportion to how late you arrive.

  • You will be charged full price for a no show.

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