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Membership Perks

Unlimited Floats at $69

Save $20 a float when you join our membership program for $138 a month. The $138 includes the price of two floats and allows members to float an unlimited number of times at the discounted rate of $69

Share your Membership with Guest

Share the love! Once a month you can use one of your discounted membership floats on a guest!

No Long Term Commitment!

Sign up and only commit to three months! After that should your schedule change feel free to opt-out at any time! We know you will be back!


Members are charged $138 a month (plus tax) for two prepaid floats that must be used in that month. This is a recurring charge that is executed each month on the day that the member signed up. Unused floats will be held in credit for up to 30 days as a grace period for active members who are in good standing. Floats held in this manor cannot be used on guests.

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