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Find your silence ...

 and the rest will follow.

Float weightless on 1100 pounds of epsom salt dissolved in skin temperature water.  Close the lid. Turn of the lights. Enter the world of tranquil mind.

As gravity retreats, your spine and joints decompress. Blood flow increases. Blood pressure decreases. Stress hormone Cortisol lowers, feel good hormones rise.

Experience greater creativity and concentration when your mind and body are at peace.


Floatation is a therapeutic form of supreme relaxation that many find beneficial to their overall wellbeing. Floatation is used by anyone from athletes as an enhancement on rigorous training methods to chronic pain sufferers as a method to ease achy joints or other ailments.  Everyone can benefit from the unique state of total relaxation achieved in a float pod.


Floating evolved out of the mind of Dr. John C Lily, while performing experiments in 1954 on reducing stimulus to the brain. Lily discovered that sensory deprivation had the potential for positive effects on the mind and body. Over time, the original archaic sensory deprivation tanks were redesigned into sleeker more consumer friendly environments, allowing users an easy and relaxing way to experience the benefits of sensory deprivation. 


Our state of the art Isopods are filled with 220 gallons of water. We dissolve 1100 pounds of Epsom Salt into the water and warm the water to the same temperature of your skin. When you lay in our pods you float effortlessly and weightlessly on the water and feel the sensation of having your skin blend into the water. For the true experience, you close the lid, which leaves you in absolute silence and dark, allowing for maximum sensory deprivation.


In this modern day we are constantly overloaded with an army of stimuli.  Floatation gives our senses a true experience of peace and rest. More than just being relaxed, we gain an astonishing mind and body experience only fully appreciated through floatation.

At a glance floatation has been shown to:


  • Provide significant relief for chronic stress related ailments.

  • Increase creativity and mental focus.

  • Help reduce chronic pain.

  • Enhance Athletic performance and recovery.

  • Reduce blood pressure and stress related hormones.

  • Aid the body in stabilizing natural sleep cycles.

  • Help manage addiction and weight loss.

What is Floating

Benefits of Floating

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Float Parlor
Float Parlor
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Standard Sessions

  • 60 minute float session-  $85

  • 120 minute extended float session -  $155

Save $60 on a First Time Introductory Package

  • 3 60 minute float sessions - $195 per package ($65 per float)


Monthly Membership

  • 2 Floats Monthly ($60 per Float)  -  $120   per month

    ​​                   *Unlimited Additional Floats at $60*

Memberships, Introductory Packages, and Gift Certificates Available at the front desk or over the phone!


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By Appointment Only

Daily Availablility:


First Float starts at: 10:00am

Last Float starts at 7:00pm

Closed Monday and Tuesday.

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Q. Do you have a Covid-19 cleaning protocol?

           A.  Yes. Visit our Covid-19 page to learn more.


Q. Is it dangerous if I fall asleep in the pod?

A.  No. The water is so buoyant that you float effortlessly. Some people enjoy falling asleep in the tank while their body is in a state of extreme relaxation.


Q. Can I keep the lid open if I’m afraid I will feel claustrophobic?

A.  Absolutely! You can keep the lid open if it would make your experience more comfortable. Additionally, you can keep the lights on if that would help you relax.


Q. Can I float if I'm pregnant?

A.  Absolutely! Pregnant floaters have reported great relief from the aches, pains, and stresses comm throughout pregnancy. The weightless environment works special wonders on those achy back pains. We do ask that you wait until after your first trimester and consult with your doctor before visiting us just to be safe. 


Q. Is floatation something new?

A.  Floatation has been around for decades. As time has gone on the pod technology has advanced to make it easier and easier to achieve supreme relaxation.


Q. What effect will the Epsom Salt have on my skin?

A.  Many have found a beneficial softening effect upon their skin.


Q. How is the water kept clean?

A.  After each float session, the water in our tanks passes through an advanced filtration system that fully filters the total content of water in the pod approximately 3.75 times. In addition, due to the high salt content and additional sanitizing agents, we ensure an environment in which no harmful bacteria can survive. 

Q. Is my room private?

A.  Each floatation pod room is fully isolated with locked privacy. Should you need assistance while you are in the pod there is a call button to alert the front desk.


Q. Can I float with another person?

A.  Only one person can float in each pod at the same time. However, if you would like to bring someone along to float with you (and many do!) we have multiple rooms, and would be happy to accommodate you with simultaneous bookings.   


Q. Can I eat before a float?

           A.  You want to leave yourself enough time to digest before hand so you do not feel heavy with digestion. 


Q. How should I prepare for my float?

A.  We recommend not shaving prior to your float. This often leaves the skin sensitive and can cause the skin  to sting for the first few moments inside the tank. If you wish to avoid this we do provide some vaseline to cover up recently shaved areas. 


Q. What do I need to bring?

A.  We provide everything you will need. However those with longer hair might want to bring a comb, and those with contacts should bring their cases so they have a place to put the contacts when they are floating.


Q. Do you float in a bathing suit?

A.  Most people don’t as the bathing suit can slightly influence the experience. However, if you would feel more comfortable in a bathing suit you are more than welcome and will still experience an extremely relaxing float!


Q. Do people float for extended session times?

A.  Yes, it is common for people to book longer sessions. Some find that longer sessions help them go further into the floatation experience. This helps them feel even greater effects on the mind and body.


Q. Do the effects of floatation get stronger or weaker over time?

A.  Much like exercise, the benefits of floatation are cumulative and have a greater impact on the mind and body over time. Once the benefits are experienced, many want to float routinely to continually enhance and support their well-being. We offer reduced membership prices to help accommodate our guests who float more often.


Q. Do I have to know how to swim?

A.  No.  The immense amount of Epsom salt will have you floating effortlessly. In fact it is practically impossible to become fully submerged. Additionally the water is only 12 inches deep for when you need to enter and exit the pod.



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