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Covid 19 Precautions

Covid-19 has been a terrible scourge on our communities at home and around the globe. We have attached some resources and ask that you read them before using our services. Being better informed allows us all to make the best decisions for us and our communities.

Cloud Aquatic is fully committed to creating the safest environment possible for our clients. We understand that peace of mind is only achieved when we feel comfortable and safe. We have met this scourge head on and have updated our already rigorous cleaning procedures. 

At Cloud Aquatic our rigorous standards for safety and cleanliness ensure that our:                            

  • Rooms are cleaned with disinfectant between each float

    • Contact surfaces are wiped down with disinfectant including door handles

  • The insides of our tanks are sprayed with disinfectant between each use

    • Then sprayed with fresh water to rinse them clean and prepare the perfect floating environment

  • Proper disinfectant levels in our tank solution are always reviewed before each client’s float session

  • Our tanks powerful filtration system can filter through our entire water load three times in just 15 minutes


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